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Touching Lives Today & Tomorrow

The word DOCTOR derives from the Latin ‘DOCERE’ meaning to TEACH, and my job is not just to treat but also to teach patients and students about the grand brain design, enabling them to feel special about the wonderful instrument that is the brain…. THE BRAIN IS AWESOME!

Over 50000

Patients lives touched and still growing.

800 students

Counseled for right career choice, and still growing.

Educational Background

Dr. Sweta Adatia, MD (Medicine), DNB (Neurology) is a young and dynamic Neurologist specializing in the treatment of strokes. She attended St. Xavier’s High School and was ranked first in classes all the way through her school career. She then opted to pursue a career in medicine. She began an MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery) in 1997 and completed her study in 2003, having obtained over 13 gold medals and prizes in subjects such as Physiology, Pharmacology, Forensic Medicine, ENT, Ophthalmology, Gynecology, and Internal Medicine. She choose an MD in Internal Medicine as her post graduate field and successfully completed her MD in 2006 with a gold medal.

Being interested in the structure and function of the brain, she moved in to studying Neurology at the All India Institute of Medical Science (AIMS). During this time she authored “Viva Voce in Neurology” which contains over 1000 questions of neurology and caters to the needs of MD/MBBS students undertaking exams in the subject. It was printed by an eminent Mumbai publishing house.

She then undertook a master’s in Neurology (DNB) at Lilavati Hospital and Research Center in Mumbai, a nationally top-ten ranked hospital in patient services. She completed her super-specialty course in 2010. During her training she became deeply interested in pain and stroke medicine and pursued these fields in her later training. Her fellowship in pain medicine was completed, under the eminent pain specialist Dr. Pradeep Jain, at Sir Gangaram Hospital, New Delhi. She then successfully concluded a two year fellowship in cerebrovascular strokes at Foothills Medical Centre, University of Calgary, Canada. The Calgary stroke program, one of the top ten stroke care programs in the world, has a yearly intake of over a thousand patients, it provides an incredibly rich learning environment and focuses on novel methods of research.

Talks & Presentations(Non Medical)

A Few Non-Medical Presentations outlined:

  1. Presented “Music and Brain- An Unforgettable Enigma and A Therapeutic Duet” at “Swara Sangam” December 2008: A meeting of music teachers from all over the country to discuss music curricula in schools.
  2. Presented “Dance and Brain: Let’s make our brain dance” at Nritya Sangam: May 2011: A meeting of dance teachers from all over the country to discuss dance curricula in schools.
  3. Presented “Values and Brain. An unexplored to an explored saga.” : December 2011: A meeting of over 500 teachers from all over the country to discuss value education in schools.
  4. Presented “Art and Brain. A different way to look at different forms of art.” August 2011 at a lady physicians meeting in Thane, Mumbai as a guest speaker.
  5. Presented “Whole Brain Thinking. Let’s change the way we think.” December 2011: A meeting of lady physicians in Thane, Mumbai as a guest speaker.
  6. “Neuroscience of Meditation” – 1 at the Varsity community center with over 30 people in attendance. A workshop which was incredibly stimulating and encouraged people to adopt meditation. The neuroscience of what happens during meditation and its benefits to our minds and bodies was discussed.
  7. “Control Alter Delete : Enter Life” a unique workshop for youth, arranged in Calgary. About 25 youngsters attended the workshop. The workshop discussed how to control anger, alter bad attitudes and delete negative tendencies so that one can embark upon a new and fulfilled life.
  8. “Meditation or Medication; Choice is yours”: Sorority group in Calgary, Alberta.
  9. “Thinking to Living”: Workshop conducted at University of Calgary, Alberta.
  10. “Neuroscience of Thinking to Art of Living” at CIRS school, Coimbatore, December 2012 with over 300 teachers participating in the seminar.
  11. Neuroscience of Thinking to Art of Living” at Calgary Association for Novel Teaching Methods. Over 100 teachers attended and participating.
  12. “Neuroscience of Thinking to Art of Living” at Sandeepany Sadhanalya, Mumbai with the participation of over 100 Vedanta students who are about to become teachers in Vedantic philosophy.
  13. “Career Design through Brian Design”, a seminar presented at Chinmaya International Residential School in December 2013.
  14. “Teaching Maths effectively through whole brain thinking”, a seminar conducted for over 300 Maths teachers in CIRS, India in December 2014.
  15. “Teaching English effectively through whole brain thinking”, a seminar conducted for over 500 English teachers at CIRS, India in May 2015.
  16. “Child and Brain”, a seminar for preschool educators, management and preschool teachers. A seminar with over 300 teachers participating, at Coimbatore, India in May, 2016.
  17. Participated in various sessions at Novotel, WTC, Dubai conducted by YBI, DUBAI as a guest speaker teaching the whole brain thinking program to business leaders, solopreneurs, business coaches, teachers, families, and parents. Designed a novel program “BRAIN WAY LIVING” for practically integrating the lessons of the sessions into everyday life for success in communication, business, and relationships.
  18. Invited to a seminar in NEURO-EDUCATION in Singapore as a key-note speaker on integrating principles of Neuroscience into effective teaching and training to school teachers.
  19. Conducted session with management on WHOLE BRAIN THINKING at the Indian School, DRC, Africa in August 2014 explaining the importance of learning the tips and tricks of brain mapping and whole brain thinking for both parents and child 20. Invited guest lecturer with YBI, Duabi, UAE on various topics like Flow and Grow, Right Thinking, PathPerfect career choice. Addressed multiple parenting seminars in Dubai, UAE for using brain design to create a right career design. Published articles on same with Young vision Duabi.
  20. Multiple seminars on POWER BRAIN PARENTING, a flagship program developed to educate parents on effective utilization of principles of neuroscience for well being of children.
  21. Presented Stress management seminars “All is well, the brain way” utilizing principles of NBI or whole brain thinking at various corporate houses in Dubai like Biz group, Nextcare, AES international etc
  22. Presented seminars on stroke awareness at RAK hospital celebrating stroke day
  23. Stress management seminars with focus on whole brain thinking at hira industries, RAK
  24. Career design through brain design seminars at various schools in UAE


  1. “Prevalence and clinical profile of Metabolic Syndrome” – Dissertation submitted for procuring the degree MD Internal Medicine under Dr.N.R.Rathod at Saurashtra University in the year 2006.
  2. “Irritable bowel syndrome” – Wrote a review article in the Gujarat Medical Journal, august 2007.
  3. “Stoke Unit- Current Concepts” – Wrote a review article with Dr.Shirish Hastak in Medicine Update 2007 published by the API ( Association of Physician of India)
  4. “Hyperammonemic Coma presenting as Hashimoto’s Encephalopathy” – Published a case report with review of literature in JAPI, December 2008; vol 56.
  5. “Risk of Myocardial Infarction following IV t-PA for acute ischemic stroke” – Published Ann Indian Acad Neurol 2010; Jan-Mar/vol 13/issue 1.
  6. “First Do No Harm-A case of Limb Shaking TIA” – a letter to editor in Neurol India/2009/Nov-Dec/Vol 57/Issue 6.
  7. “A Clinical study to assess the clinical profile of border-zone infarcts in brain and compare the internal border-zone infarcts with cortical border-zone infarct amongst all acute strokes.
  8. Evaluation and efficacy of oral Pregabalin in reducing postoperative pain in patients undergoing total knee arthroplasty. Ind Journal of Orthopedics. Dec 2012.
  9. Isolated cortical vein thrombosis following lumbar puncture. High suspicion yields high diagnostic yield, Neurology India,2013/08:61:181-3
  10. Acute ischemic strokes caused by paradoxical air embolism following injection sclerotherapy for varicose veins. Neurology India. 2013/04:61:431

Other Achievements

Understanding that failing to know your inner self can lead to disastrous career choices led her to think more deeply on the process while she interviewed students. This led her to embark on a deeper study of the whole scientific process of effective and confident career choice. She thoroughly studied existing psychometric tests useful in choosing a career/job, including the MBTI, Mettl, Careerfitter, HBDI, and DISC tests. She completed most of these assessments simply to give herself a greater understanding of the tools the tests utilized. After personal study of many of these tests she decided to make a generic study of brain design. She used NBI (Neethling Brain Inventory), feeling it connected most accurately to a person’s existing life preferences and decision making abilities and to their skills in communication, business, and relationships. She found it to be a unique tool as it provided an opportunity to develop and grow unused or less favored areas of the brain.

She completed the whole brain training course under her able mentor Anna Santos at Abbotsford in British Columbia, Canada. Being interested in the science of career choice, she then pursued prospective and retrospective analytical research studies to ascertain exactly what helps students make confident career choices. She devised a test based on the NBI brain design test. The new test would map the right career choice for high school and secondary students. She is a whole brain master practitioner for Asia, the UAE and East Africa. Whole brain thinking processes help students, teachers, individuals, and corporate businessmen to think differently and achieve the pinnacle in their area of work. Gaining insight in to why we think differently improves communication, learning, business methodology, and career choice.

Dr Adatia also became interested in treating children with ADD, ADHD, and Autism and so she studied Neurofeedback Therapy at BSI International, California and is now a trained Neurofeedback practitioner certified in the USA. She also trained in Advanced Therapeutics in Neurofeedback for children and adults under the respected Dr. Brownback.

She is the founder of Chinmaya Brain Links in Mumbai. The first company in India run by a Neurologist specialized in understanding the principles of thinking and with a background training in Neurology, which can help people understand their thinking processes.

Dr Sweta Adatia is multi talented and has achieved mastery in many fields besides Medicine and Neurology. She has completed her Visharad (BA in music) in harmonium. She has competed in table tennis tournaments in various National/District level championships and won many trophies. She is deeply spiritually inclined and has a significant interest in the science of alternative medicine. She has completed the advanced pranic healing and pranic psychotherapy courses of Master Choa Kok Sui in Mumbai. She has formal hypnotherapy training in past life regression from the master Dr Brain Weiss of New York, the author of the extremely famous book “Many Lives, Many Masters”.

She has a great deal of research experience in the field of Neurology and has published many papers, both nationally and internationally. She authored a popular article, GROW MORE GREY CELLS, in the health and nutrition magazine published by Magna Publications, Mumbai. She has over 30 posters and publications to her credit at various national and international conferences. She also published an article for an ebook on strokes titled : Early symptoms, signs and diagnosis of Stroke.

After returning to Mumbai from Canada, being aghast at people’s ignorance about strokes, how they were confused with heart attacks, she and her close friends developed a HINDI acronym “BACHAV” for mass use. The acronym was presented at a national stroke conference and adopted by a renowned pharmaceutical company for the public and disseminated across India. The acronym helped people understand the symptoms of stroke in simple HINDI. Click www.step2health.co.in for more information.

Further studying the status of Neurology in India, she felt a need to develop an online access portal for patients where neurologists, neurosurgeons and psychiatrists could be easily reached for video or e-counseling, thus BRAINCLICK was developed. BRAINCLICK is a platform www.brainclick.in dedicated to connecting various neuro-doctors to society which also offers free brain health advice.

She is an active founder of the program MyMedtor for helping students appearing in NEET SS entrance exams effectively and successfully.

She lives a simple life and is dedicated to her subject. She is loved and respected by students and patients alike. In her spare time she volunteers at the Chinmaya Mission devoting herself particularly to value based education and the development of better schools in India. She has led many diverse sessions for teachers at seminars held by the Central Chinmaya Mission trust education cell and works closely with Swamini Vimalananda, the National director of education for CVP, a program responsible for over 8 colleges and 86 schools and the development of effective teaching techniques and learning tools for implementation in many more schools. She is the founder of a program called Personalized which effectively incorporates principles of whole brain learning to carve the program for effective learning and teaching strategies for children and teachers at schools.



Second opinion for any neurological disorder or paralytic stroke care

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