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Your Brain's Blueprint decides your Life's Footprint. 

Unfolding the brain's magic & helping people understand their brain type to live a life filled with purpose & meaning is the ultimate passion for my life. 

Dr Sweta Adatia, MBBS, MD
DNB(Neurology), FACP(USA), MBA(Cambridge, UK)

Welcome to Bridging science & spirituality

One of a lifetime event bridging the science of meditation and attaining a super brain state.

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DEC 9TH 2023




Neurologist I Author I TEDx Speaker I Coach I Entrepreneur I Spiritual seeker


50000 + Patients Healed

Over 5000 Student's Careers mapped 

13+ Gold Medals

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About Dr Sweta Adatia

Dr Sweta Adatia is a young and dynamic Neurologist currently medical director at RAK hospital in UAE. She has over 13 prizes and gold Medals in Medicine and Neurology. She is a stroke fellow from university of Calgary, Canada. She has completed her management course MBA from university of Cambridge, UK. She was offered the brightest minds in Cambridge – scholarship for pursuing the MBA. In the summer 2021 she was invited to work with defeat NCD UN for launching NCD care funding program for 90 LMIC (Low and medium income countries) .


She has over 50 publications in various medical journals. She is highly scientific and till date has touched over 50,000 lives. She has two books and couple of chapters in stroke and Neurology. She is specialized in treating Strokes and Migraines. She herself suffers from migraine and hence understands the agony of these patients.

She has worked in over 5 continents serving patients. She is an excellent speaker, coach and trainer. She is invited on TEDx. She is the founder of Mybraindesign, a 21st century tool mapping the brain preferences to the ideal career path for high school students and adults.


She is the author of the book – Future Ready Now, a cutting edge Neuroscience based exploration of the career options. She has delivered over 200 workshops in various schools and colleges on the same topic.
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Dr Sweta Adatia is multi-talented and has achieved mastery in many fields other than Medicine and Neurology. She speaks 7 languages. She has done her Visharad (BA in music) in harmonium and has played table tennis tournaments in various National/District level championships and won many trophies. She is inclined spiritually and has a lot of interest in the science of alternative medicine.

She has completed advanced pranic healing and pranic psychotherapy courses of Master Choa Kok Sui at Mumbai. She has a formal hypnotherapy training from New York in past life regression from the master Dr Brain Weiss , the author of very famous book “Many Lives, Many Masters”. She is an avid aura photographer. She is also trained in Neuro and biofeedback as a therapeutic modality for various neuropsychiatric diseases from California, USA. She is an NLP trainer and expert. She is a UCLA certified career coach.




University of Cambrige

She completed her MBA from University of Cambridge with scholarship.


DNB Neurology

She did her Masters in Neurology under the able stalwarts from Bombay India. She was at the prestigious Lilavati hospital and research center. 


MBBS & MD Internal medicine

MBBS & MD in Medicine from the busiest hospital of Asia-Guru Gobind Singh at Gujarat, India. She holds over 13 gold medals and prizes during this tenure.

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My passion is to help young students and post college students find their 'SUCCESFUL SUPER FUTURE' by recognizing their unique brain's strengths & talents.

SOFR-School of Future Readiness 


Invite Only Program -- Super Futures Club

A select few students are invited to the Super Futures Club where they are guided on various techniques and know-how of applications of  Neuroscience to achieve success in multiple areas of life.

Total Brain Power, Speed Learning, Rocket Speaking,  Memory Mastery, Careers800, Ferrari Brain

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 If you want to be rich, successful, healthy, and have amazing relationships, the program is just right for you. It is free and available on youtube.

 1.No Pill Life ---Healthy Always

2. Rich Brain Poor Brain- Become Wealthy By Changing Mindset

3. Success Signatures of the brain--- Make Magic In Any  Work

4. No-Stress Magic Relationships 

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Workshops & Partnerships with Companies & Schools.

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Why Dr Sweta Adatia is a go-to advise professional? 

Dr. Sweta Adatia has received a scholarship for pursuing masters at the University of Cambridge, UK. She has over 13 gold medals in various fields of Medicine. She has authored 2 books and many chapters. She is the founder of Chinmaya Brain Links ( The company maps futures for young students through brain design: Visit for more ). She is a leader in the healthcare industry and an exceptionally caring Neurologist."

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