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One Brain, Many Possibilities

We as modern age Neuroscientists believe that - WHAT YOU CAN MEASURE, YOU CAN MANAGE.

Like the unique stripes of zebra for each , the brain has unique potentials. We have developed an online power tool to go deep dive inside your brain wiring. Once you figure out how you think, you can figure out a lot of possibilities of what you can do.

You can check your wiring at any age & see the applications unfold.


Our brain-design online assessments cover a wide range of applications for the ages of 10 to 99 years. We don't use any wires or tools to hook to your brain but our digital AI-enabled assessments take a deep dive into your brain & provide an in-depth review of your thinking maps.


We then compare your maps to various standardized thinking maps of various successful careers and people who have made big in life. We then equip you with the personalized tools to make your brain wiring strong, resilient and ultimate. 

Mapping your brain sorts your life.

  • Having a deep dive into your brain's processes helps you navigate your life with confidence.

  • Learn about your brain potentials and open endless possibilities through the zebra brain program.

The Zebra prints

A quick online assessment is a lifetime of knowledge one can gather for self.

Are you aware of your potential genius?

Are you aware of your potential genius?  Are you aware of the innate potentials which lie in your brain design?But we have developed some unique AI-enabled algorithms to help in predictive decision-making through our marriage of technology and Neuroscience for a particular set of profiles. Check out if you are one of them and we are eager to help you. 

Child Model

5 to 9 Years Very Young Child

Allowing development of the brain right from an early age. This is the best age to understand their basic wiring and allow them to grow with the right selection of environment and extra curricular skills

Browse Some Real Braindesigns Mapped By Us

mustafa new.jpg
Mustafa Hamwi- The Zero To Hero Passionpreneur

Enterprising Brain

The MAPPING Details.

Al enabled 
Neuroscience backed
Easy to understand


1 / Spare 20 minutes HONEST time

In the comforts of your home, on any device, you can take the brain wiring assessment. Just plug in the code received from our email and start the assessment.

2 / There are no good or bad brains so just focus on your brain

Get rid of the anxiety that your brain is good or bad. The wiring is unique for each individual. 

3 / Explore the REWIRING Library for growing the best brain

The beauty of the assessment is that we have developed a Neuro developmental assessment so based on your brain type , you can navigate and develop what you aspire for.

Follow Your Brain, Win Your Life

The online assessment tool that we have built has been powered by two geniuses in the fields of Neuroscience- Dr. Kobus Neethilng & Dr. Roger Sperry. The science has been developed with meticulous work over the years. Dr. Sweta Adatia has been the pioneer in developing the applications from the Neethling brain inventory( The tool has been ranked as the must-do tool for success in the 21st century by Forbes.) She has helped more than 5000 students and parents. 

For many years we believed that the brain, or intelligence, was hard-wired, and largely genetic, with a fixed number of neurons. This is a myth.

But that all changed when it became possible to observe the brain and see how it responded to what it saw and was asked to do. This revealed that the brain can generate new cells - not only in childhood but also in adulthood.

The classic example is the evidence by Professor Eleanor Maguire and Dr Katherine Woollett who followed a group of 79 London based trainee taxi drivers and 31 non-taxi drivers.

Their research showed that London taxi drivers developed a greater volume of grey matter (i.e. cell development) three to four years after passing “the knowledge” test when compared to the other group.

So what does this mean for you?

In the same way that people can develop a growth mindset, you can do the same with your academic performance.

Knowing how the brain works can actually help you ‘rewire’ it. Evidence** supports the idea that students who are mindful about how they learn will reflect on what they are doing. This naturally leads to the growth of even more cells.

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Simple Plans

Cost-effective plans with 30 day return guarantee

Personalized Content

Your personalized analysis of the brain 

Super Brainguide club

An exclusive invite only super brainwiring club

A Young Brain, Canada

A  guy with extraoridinary energy &  enthusiasm who nailed the choice in an hour. He was contemplating a career in  business vs doing masters  technology and embracing industry.

We knew his brain had the flair to take on business management head on and we fixed his choice with conviction...We will wait to see him as a succesful business manager 

Cherag Shah, UAE

Dr. Sweta Adatia helped Neeraj (My Son) understand his strengths and interests while broadening his perspectives on the options he had. The assessment gave in-depth insights on strengths and opportunities for him. Dr.Sweta helped Neeraj discover his passion & compatibility for data science and economics. She had a very easy yet methodical approach to counselling as she incorporated and considered many factors such as cultural environment, types of courses and the future job market. I am sure this book would be very useful for all the parents and teachers concerned about the futures of their children. The 21st century choices are wide and confusing. Drawing a choice from over 800 careers can become a child's play through this book and Mybraindesign.

Cherag Shah, Head of Company Control Unit Ericason Dubai, Middle East

Taylor Ott, USA

Dr Sweta Adatia is a dear friend and a colleague from Cambridge Judge Business school. Being an Orthopedic surgeon & a medico myself , I am always curious to learn behaviors. Finally it is all about the predictability in communication within teams that helps in any profession and also in personal relations. I underwent the Mybraindesign assessment myself and clearly I am a type 4 thinker with a lot of empathy and people friendly approach. I also learnt where I need to grow my skills. Knowing how to push the limits for the self is such an important path to success. I am sure the parents and teachers reading this will find it as a goldmine of self-exploration and growth for their children and also their own selves.


Dr Taylor D Otteson

Orthopedic Surgeon Resident at Harvard ,USA & Founder of KVM, and Global Scalpels Podcast Creator

Reading Notes

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