Mybraindesign & success

I have spent over ten years in identifying the right way to map future career potential in an individual. I underwent 50 psychometric tests to understand my best career path and trajectory. I have done some exciting career transitions and experiments to understand how best one can know the self and embrace a career that can become the abode of happiness.

I pursued Medicine not because I always wanted to be a doctor. I followed it simply because nobody guided me right after my 12th standard exams with 94% marks. My parents were in the same field, and I always thought that is the only way to a successful life. Fortunately, over time Medicine was interesting and slowly and steadily made my way through a long career of 15 years quite happily and successfully.

I smile when people introduce me in workshops as the person who bagged the most gold medals in UG & PG. I smile not for the hard work that I put in but because I excelled in the field that was accidentally chosen.

I did stroke neurology from Canada and subsequently worked as a stroke neurologist at 5 continents. Worked with UNNCD, Geneva. Also, worked on the interiors of central Africa, serving the people of Congo. Pursued my dream career of administration after doing an MBA from the University of Cambridge. All these transitions made me who I am today. I learned the Neethling brain instrument and Hermann tool for brain dominance and practiced for eight years with the Neethling tool. I interviewed over 1K students and established a research protocol to understand how brain design can help the students identify the best career choices—developed careerpik, the first-ever AI tool to determine and match career preferences in star rating or order of priorities based on the brain design evaluation. One can pursue all careers as a potential possibility, but choosing that one career where you strike the right chord which is necessary to sustain happiness and embrace success. The prefrontal lobes, which are the decision-makers in one’s life, are still undergoing myelination, and young teenagers cannot possibly decide a path, mainly when choices are abundant.

 My passion for handholding them and leading them to the right choice led me to discover the MBD.     In short, living in the 21st century with multiple career choices, picking one can be daunting. I want to simplify that through MBD.

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