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What is MY PEAK BRAIN CAPACITY at AGE of 40? I have just started to make MAGIC.

I came across the business insider article and was amazed at how the brain peaks in certain tasks at various ages. Let me share some stats... Your arithmetic peaks at 50 ----wow Your face recognition peaks at 30---amazing Your ability to remember, unfamiliar stuff peaks at 20 - awww Vocabulary at 67................ WHEN I READ THIS I WAS SHOCKED.

Concentration peaks at 43. This is the age where people feel struggled but remember that this is the AGE WHICH MAKES MAGIC. Studies have proved time and again that -

Most business startups that succeed had an average founder age of 50. Remember that most scientific discoveries happened when the scientists were 50. One needs to FAIL FORWARDS A MILLION TIMES, TO SUCCEED ONE RIGHT TIME

And age is just an added advantage in the GAME OF LIFE. Learn more about your brain by joining our blog posts. Our test #mybraindesign ALLOWS YOU TO KNOW ABOUT YOUR BRAIN CAPACITIES & NAVIGATE YOUR LIFE TO MAGIC. #drswetaadatia #mybraindesign #braindesignforlife #lifedesign #blueprintlife #futurereadynow

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